#053 Sustainability in every car BMW builds | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 2 November 2021

If the first thing you think of when you think of sustainability is electromobility, you're not wrong. But there's a lot more the automotive industry is working on. CO2 reduction, recycling, and using resources more efficiently are goals BMW has set for itself. But what exactly is BMW doing to become more sustainable and achieve these goals? Join us for a deeper dive into the world of sustainability in this episode of Changing Lanes, BMW's official podcast, and find out why even peanuts can contribute to change.

05:15 sustainable supply chain
07:19 green power
09:47 closed material loop
13:29 sustainable car models
14:42 peanuts in the automotive production

And if you want to read more about sustainability go to BMW.com: https://www.bmw.com/en/innovation/sustainability-at-bmw.html
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