#72 The future is now: Interview with Ilka Horstmeier and Kate Robertson | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 30 January 2022

Ready for an episode that will fill you with courage and energy? Then you’re in the right place! These two women have confidence in the future: Ilka Horstmeier – Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Human Resources, and Labour Relations Director – and Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World. Our host Nicki met with these inspiring change-makers in London and talked with them about their collaboration. If you’re wondering what you can expect, let us assure you: It’s a lot! A variety of topics are covered, including role models, the future of young managers, sustainability, social responsibility, and the art of lifelong learning. Prepare to be inspired by Ilka Horstmeier and Kate Robertson.

02:20 Ilka Horstmeier and 27 years at BMW
05:50 The organization and community behind OYW
11:00 BMW x OYW
13:30 BMW and social responsibility
16:00 The changes in social responsibility
19:45 Future young leaders
22:40 Clear targets for BMW
26:55 Young leaders at BMW & OYW
32:15 Leadership habits
35:15 The importance of young leaders
40:30 All about mentors, role models, and icons
45:15 Advices to young leaders
49:20 Work-life integration
51:45 The future of BMW & OYW

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