#73 The long history of sustainability at BMW | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 1 February 2022

Sustainability – this topic is more relevant than ever. But it is by no means new for BMW. Jonathan and Nicki take you on a journey almost five decades into the past. Yes, you read that right: five decades.

BMW established sustainability as a central element of its corporate strategy back in the early 1970s.

From the first baby steps to “Project i" through to BMW’s ambitious future goal: bringing the greenest car to market. In this episode, you’ll find out everything – and we promise not to spare you any details! Get ready for a sustainable journey through time. Fasten your seat belts, hold tight and off we go!

01:35 Starting with the ‘70s
06:10 Hydrogen technology: a priority at BMW
07:25 Project „I“
11:40 Fuel cell technology: another alternative
13:20 From supply chain to recycling
14:30 The future of sustainable automotive mobility
16:15 The goal is 100%

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