A story of generations. BMW is a part of CES 2021.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 3 February 2021

The night has come and it holds surprises at the BMW Welt. Two cars from two different worlds but closely related to each other. A firstly superficial bragging and mocking conversation turns into a lesson about development, interdependence and caring….

A new chapter starts this year at digital CES 2021. BMW draws a new era of intuition, interaction and emotion – and visualizes the development of the user experience inside a BMW over the last two decades. The protagonists in this journey through time are the 2001 BMW 7 Series – in which the BMW iDrive system celebrated its premiere – and the BMW iX, which will come onto the market in 2021 and in which the new generation of the display and operating system will be available to experience for the first time.

The all-new BMW iX is a car that creates a sense of safety and familiarity and engenders a new type of bond between occupants and vehicle. The displays and controls are all stripped down to the essentials, further reinforcing the impression of an uncluttered cabin offering a place of relaxation. The technology of the BMW iX is used intelligently and only becomes visible when it is needed. This makes it intuitive to use rather than seeming overly complex.

Learn more about digital innovations at CES 2021: https://www.bmw.com/en/events/ces/index.html

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