Adjusting Settings for Distance Control and Assisted Driving | BMW How-To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 3 January 2022

Learn in this video, how to make detailed adjustments for Assisted Driving and the Distance Control with Stop&Go function in BMWs with Operating System 8. Press the “Driving Settings” button in the centre console. Select “Driver Assistance” – “Driving” – “Speed Limit Assistant”. Under “Speed limits” you can choose if you want your BMW to automatically take over detected speed limits. When available, also map data is used to detect upcoming changes in speed limits. In the same “Driving” menu, select “Distance Control” for more settings. When activating “Situational Distance Control“, the distance to the vehicle in front is adjusted automatically – depending on the driving situation. Choose your preferred distance: Close, Medium or Far. Depending on your country you can activate “Avoid overtaking on the right” to prevent unintended overtaking on the slower lane on motorways. Select “Switch to cruise control” to turn off Distance Control. The vehicle then still maintains your set speed, but without regulating your distance. Use the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to change Driver Assistance Settings, for example by saying: “Hey BMW, ""Set distance to front vehicle to far.“

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