Advanced driving experience. BMW is a part of CES 2021.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 3 February 2021

Communication on an emotional level is no dream anymore. The next big step toward future mobility is humanizing technology. Discover how the BMW iX takes a leap forward by evolving from science and engineering to art and design.

The most emotional and comfortable driving experience BMW has ever created. With a consistently enhanced BMW iDrive, you can immerse yourself in a completely new interior experience that seamlessly extends your digital everyday life. High tech, intelligence, and luxury are combined with digital design in a unique way. The is optimally supported by the cockpit’s driver-oriented design as well as the clear character, aesthetic control panels, and a simple, natural operation. The combination of innovative sensors and artificial intelligence creates a connection that leads to personalized and proactive dialogues between driver and vehicle – opening up new horizons for your driving experience.

The next generation of BMW iDrive takes the burgeoning relationship between a BMW and its driver to a new level. The new system neatly bridges the gap between analogue and digital technology. And this, in turn, heralds another paradigm shift, as the number of available functions in a car and their complexity continue along a constant upward curve. Digital intelligence has been introduced into cars, optimised sensors now allowing them to perceive and analyse their surroundings. As a result, elements of driving and parking can be automated to an increasing degree. And cloud-based services dip into a growing pool of real-time data.

Creating a new era of driving experience.

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