BMW Today – Episode 29: SIM Live 2020

BMW Ahmed Mazen 23 February 2021

In this episode of BMW Today we`re showing you new digital BMW cars... Sim racing is an ever-evolving technology, so it`s important to keep our digital fleet up to date.

BMW Motorsport added sim racing to its racing programme as an equal pillar in 2020.In close collaboration with the rapidly growing sim racing community, we helped to raise the industry to an even more professional level. BMW integrated race cars such as the BMW M8 GTE, the BMW M4 GT4 and the BMW M2 CS Racing. Working closely with cutting edge simulation platforms like iRacing and rFactor, we created simulations that are as realistic as possible - providing the best sim racers with the possibility to go head-to-head in these digital BMW´s.

We`re excited to see what 2021 is holding up for sim racing and how far we can go together!

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