BMW Today - Episode 34: Android Auto & Fast Pairing

BMW Ahmed Mazen 28 May 2021

Welcome to BMW Today.
Android-users, listen carefully! In this episode you will learn more about the digital highlights in the BMW iX.

#1 Pair your Android smartphone in one tap
The new and improved pairing process is faster and easier than ever before!
When you enter your BMW iX, the car will detect nearby devices with activated Bluetooth automatically.
All you need to do is, confirm the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone and the pairing will happen automatically in the background.

#2 New Android Auto highlights
Use wireless Android Auto to bring your favorite smartphone apps to your BMW iX.
Android Auto is perfectly incorporated in full-screen size into the new curved display.
And the best thing about it: Navigation with Google Maps becomes even more convenient and easier in your BMW iX.
You will see Google Maps perfectly integrated into the new Instrument Cluster!
You can even switch between different BMW layouts and Google Maps will always adapt in the driver’s screen.
Additionally, the Head-Up Display also shows you the next turn.
Stay tuned for further innovate Android functionalities in the Instrument Cluster in the future!

0:00 Intro
0:15 Pair your Android smartphone in one Tap
0:39 New Android Auto highlights
1:51 Outro

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