CHASING THE GREENEST CAR #01 | How do we source a sustainable future? | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 21 October 2022

Sustainability in the automotive sector goes way beyond the production of a vehicle.

In order to ensure sustainable production, the entire supply chain of materials has to be transparent and sustainable. But where and how do you start?

In the first episode of our audio documentary, our reporter, Anne Therese Gennari, asks precisely these questions.

She looks for the answers at the Research and Innovation Center (FIZ), at the Digital Campus, and directly inside the BMW i4.

There, she speaks to the people who know how important and, at the same time, difficult, it really is to maintain a sustainable supply chain.

It’s also a matter of considering the environment, ethics, and social responsibility.

Ready to hit the road with Anne Therese?

07:00 The importance and difficulties of adhering to a green supply chain
09:30 It is all about standardization
15:30 Cobalt for Development
18:00 Is sustainable cobalt mining even possible?
19:30 Responsible Lithium Initiative
22:00 Catena X and supply chain transparency
28:30 The power of collaboration
35:00 Sustainable steel production: achievements and challenges

“The ‘greenest‘ electric car will be made by BMW.” – this is the company’s mission for the future. Is this future already within our grasp? What are the challenges that arise in trying to achieve this goal? We will find out in this eight-part audio documentary. Together with our reporter, Anne Therese Gennari (The Climate Optimist), we will go on a journey through the BMW universe and take an authentic look behind the scenes.

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BMW Protagonists: Ferdinand Geckeler, Claudia Becker, Niels Angel, Philipp Leschinski, Philipp Oberhumer

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