CHASING THE GREENEST CAR #02 | How do we turn production green? | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 28 October 2022

We’re back! If you thought that Anne Therese already had answers to all your questions, we have to disappoint you. The search for the greenest car has only just begun.

BMW has set itself ambitious goals, which can only be achieved if the supply chain, the production and all the other processes are completely sustainable.

In episode 2, we will find out how green production can work and why development in this direction is not always as easy as you might think.

That’s why Anne Therese is visiting the place where the car magic happens: the BMW plant in Munich.

There, she meets environment and energy specialists, who deal with the issue of making production as sustainable as possible every day.

Have you always wanted to know what it sounds like behind the gates of the BMW plant? Then you shouldn’t miss this episode!

05:00 Challenges in green production
11:20 Standardization as a possible solution?
16:50 Innovations in production
19:50 Being part of the Startup Garage
21:25 The Green Plant Leipzig: A holistic approach to sustainability
27:30 How to reduce carbon footprint in manufacturing industry?

“The ‘greenest‘ electric car will be made by BMW.” – this is the company’s mission for the future. Is this future already within our grasp? What are the challenges that arise in trying to achieve this goal? We will find out in this eight-part audio documentary. Together with our reporter, Anne Therese Gennari (The Climate Optimist), we will go on a journey through the BMW universe and take an authentic look behind the scenes.

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