CHASING THE GREENEST CAR #05 | Why do we need to think more ‘circular’? | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 18 November 2022

Where does a circle begin? When you’re producing an audio documentary about sustainability and BMW, there’s no avoiding the topics of RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE, and RE:CYCLE.

These are the four principles of the circular economy and, as such, also form the core elements of this audio documentary.

The circular economy’s aim is that existing materials and products are maintained, recycled, repaired and shared for as long as possible.

Anne Therese wants to dive deeper into how this works and how close – or how far away – BMW already is to the goal of a circular economy. What might a “circular” vehicle look like? Let’s find out.

10:10 The importance of closed loops
19:21 What means remanufacturing?
21:16 What does a fully circular supply chain look like?

“The ‘greenest‘ electric car will be made by BMW.” – this is the company’s mission for the future. Is this future already within our grasp? What are the challenges that arise in trying to achieve this goal? We will find out in this eight-part audio documentary.

Together with our reporter, Anne Therese Gennari (The Climate Optimist), we will go on a journey through the BMW universe and take an authentic look behind the scenes.

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