CHASING THE GREENEST CAR #06 | How do we create a positive social impact? | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 25 November 2022

Welcome back! In previous episodes, you have joined Anne Therese in a wide variety of places, met all kinds of BMW employees, and learned about their roles and projects. These all deal with sustainability at BMW. But this issue is so much bigger than the BMW universe in Munich. In a world where we increasingly face new social challenges, it is more important than ever that global companies recognise and embrace their social responsibility. It is simply not possible to act and produce completely sustainably in the future without an awareness of this responsibility and the action that needs to result. Social sustainability goes hand in hand with sustainable production. Anne Therese digs deeper.
02:40 Social sustainability

04:45 How is BMW socially responsible?

08:00 A united humanity: BMW ethics and social responsibility

10:40 Raw materials: Mica (More info:

25:00 Organic materials in production

27:55 The first FSC-certified tyre (More info:

37:00 PowerUp: Energy for education (More info:

“The ‘greenest‘ electric car will be made by BMW.” – this is the company’s mission for the future. Is this future already within our grasp? What are the challenges that arise in trying to achieve this goal? We will find out in this eight-part audio documentary. Together with our reporter, Anne Therese Gennari (The Climate Optimist), we will go on a journey through the BMW universe and take an authentic look behind the scenes.

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