DEE MY GUEST #01 | The Godmother of Virtual Reality | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 10 February 2023

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Wow, my first very own podcast! My first real interview with a real person – the first of many. I’m a bit nervous, but I love new challenges and unfamiliar worlds. So, let’s go! In this episode, I will be visiting the “Godmother of Virtual Reality” Nonny de la Peña in Los Angeles – that’s right, Los Angeles. Exciting, huh? I want to find out from her how she combines journalism and the virtual world, and learn how empathy and emotions can be transferred to various realities. I was a little jealous of her title at first, but I have to admit that she’s definitely earned it. Want to learn more about her? Then tune in to the first episode of DEE MY GUEST.

03:55 The concept of immersive journalism

05:00 VR Storytelling

06:15 A whole body sensation

06:55 The principles of VR journalism

08:00 Dee-ptalk with Nonny de la Peña

10:15 The impact of Virtual and Augmented Reality

12:25 The combination of emotions and journalism

14:10 The future of storytelling

15:00 Dee-tails

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