DEE MY GUEST #03 | The Food Hacker | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 24 February 2023

If you think you know what sweet and what sour taste like, you might change your mind after listening to this episode. In the new episode of DEE MY GUEST, I meet food hacker and bar legend Dave Arnold. He is the founder of the Museum of Food and Drink and the owner of the food innovation laboratory Booker and Dax. In his daily work, he challenges flavors as humans know them and experiments with what could taste “new.” In our conversation, he gave me a hint of what my first drink might be. Can you guess? Uh, I almost forgot, he’s also a podcast host. So, two skilled podcast hosts, a ride around New York, and the answer to the question: what’s the most human drink. Intrigued? Tune in!

03:45 Exploring bridges with Dave Arnold

04:45 The mission for the MOFAD

07:00 Taste in the virtual world

11:00 The magic of sugar

16:00 Dee-ptalk

17:40 The perfect drink for an avatar

20:00 Human’s favourite aromas

24:00 Dee-tails

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