DEE MY GUEST #04 | The Artist who Sees the Invisible | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 5 March 2023

He sings karaoke with a dragon and asks an alien to be his friend: Tal Michael Haring, my guest on this new episode of DEE MY GUEST, wanders the virtual world with his eyes wide open. Tal is the co-curator of an augmented reality contemporary art exhibition called Seeing the Invisible, art curator of the VR-AR exhibition at Haifa International Film Festival and Head of New-Media Developments at Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. With his work, he brings the digital and the real worlds one step closer together. In this conversation, he talks about his vision of a utopian digital world. Another thing I really like about him: He is a virtual party organizer. So, if you want to know how it feels to dance with a Pikachu on the virtual streets of Tel Aviv, check out this episode.

04:00 Seeing the invisible

06:00 A phygital experience

08:30 A transformation in the art world

12:50 Dee-ptalk

14:00 Stories are windows

15:30 A utopian vision

17:35 Virtual street parties in Tel Aviv

19:25 Dee-tails

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