Fixing the bikes on your BMW Roof-Mounted Bike Rack – BMW How-To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 13 April 2021

Learn in this video how to position and secure bikes on the BMW roof-mounted bike rack. Frame protectors to cushion the frames of carbon fibre bicycles in the retaining arm or adapter wheel holders for the wider tyres of fatbikes are available as optional additional parts. Turn the retaining arm upwards and position your bike onto the bike-rack placing both tyres straight on the rails. Place the claw around the lower frame tube of the bike. Ensure that the retaining arm is at an angle of 90 degrees to the frame tube and that it is in the centre of the holder. Turn the fastening wheel clockwise to fix the bike frame until you hear an audible click. Push the wheel holder to the centre of the tyre. Tie the toothed belt over the tyre between two spokes and slide it through the buckle. Move the lever on the buckle up and down to tension the toothed belt. Ensure that the rim guard is flush over the rim and that the toothed belt is tensioned tightly. Close the lock on the fastening wheel. Depending on the width of your BMW’s roof and the roof carrier bars, you can mount up to four bike racks onto a BMW roof carrier.

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