FORWARDISM #07 | Douglas McMaster creates a new way of thinking in gastronomy | BMW Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 15 July 2022

A kitchen without a bin – unimaginable? Not for Douglas McMaster. Douglas is a chef at the world’s first zero-waste restaurant, Silo, which opened in London a year ago. He is shaping the future of gastronomy with his innovative and sustainable concept.

Douglas is a visionary who thinks several steps ahead to ensure our world is a good place to be in the future. He is a pioneer in the kitchen, the founder of a movement, and the creator of a food system for a sustainable future. And he has a vision.

Using the motto “Keep Creative, Cook Carefully, Waste Nothing,” he shares his ideas and vision and shows the followers on his Instagram channel @zerowastecookingschool how they can cook creative dishes without creating waste.

Have a listen and let yourself be inspired by a new way of thinking.

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01:30 THIS IS Douglas McMaster
04:20 The meaning of Forwardism
05:15 A unique combination of perspective and reaction
06:30 The dark side of perfection
09:25 The influence of Joost Bakker and his future food system
11:05 Silo: The start of a movement
13:30 Waste as an indicator for unsustainability
16:50 The trifactor of zero-waste
19:45 The idea of upcycling
24:30 Jesus Water System
27:15 Welcome to Utopia

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