How-To. High-Power Charging at Cold Temperatures.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 9 May 2022

Learn in this video how to optimize the charging process of your fully-electric BMW even in cold weather. Depending on your model the battery heat management for DC rapid charging can help to increase and speed up the charging performance. To get the ideal charging performance from a public DC charging station in winter, In BMWs with Operating System 8, enter the desired charge point as your next destination in the BMW maps navigation system. Simply use your remaining driving range to drive to the selected charging station. While driving, the BMW battery heat management will prepare the high-voltage battery for charging. When entering a public DC charging station in the navigation system of a BMW iX3 at very cold temperatures, you automatically receive a message suggesting to prepare the battery for DC fast charging. Or go directly to “installed apps” and select “pre-heat battery”. You can also use your voice and ask the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: “Hey BMW, help me reduce the charging time.”

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