How-To. Installing the M Performance Door Pins.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 13 March 2022

This BMW How-To video shows you the installation of the BMW Accessories M Performance Door Pins. With the original M Performance Door pins you can add a touch of race track to your applicable BMW model. Two M Performance Door Pins are included per package. To install them, make sure they are clean. Depending on the type of door pin enclose the old pin with the grip tape and try pulling the pin out. Otherwise screw them out counter clockwise.
The installation method of door pins depends on the BMW model: In most BMW X models, door pins are screwed onto the metal lever core. In other models the door pins can be pulled off. Certain BMW models do not offer exchangeable locking door pins.
When pressing in the new Door Pin, operate the door opener to create counter pressure. Check if the Door Pin is pressed in far enough when the car is locked. Repeat this for all doors.

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