How To Run Bosch Smart Home From Your BMW

BMW Ahmed Mazen 25 April 2022

BMW drivers can control their Bosch Smart Home easily from the comfort of their car, using Apple CarPlay and the Siri voice assistant while driving.

With the new BMW operating system 8 in the i4, drivers can simply say "Hey Siri" to activate the digital voice assistant. For the first time it is no longer necessary to press the microphone button on the steering wheel. Access to Bosch Smart Home devices is also possible using Google Assistant in Android Auto and Amazon Alexa Car Integration.
With Apple's HomeKit and Apple CarPlay, lights or temperatures can be adjusted seamlessly and intelligently, and the status of doors and windows can be checked.

Not only are these controls convenient, but they empower drivers to make sustainable choices, as they can disconnect unused devices from the power supply while they are absent. They also have access to security-relevant features at all times and can protect their home ideally.