How-To. Using the BMW Luggage Compartment Accessories.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 15 March 2022

Pack baggage easily and safely: With accessory storage solutions for your BMW luggage compartment. Learn in this video everything about them. The BMW Shaped Load Floor Matte is available specifically for your BMW model. Place it in your trunk to protect your floor lining when you load rough or dirty items. It also keeps the load from sliding.
Alternatively or additionally you can also install the BMW Boot Sill Protective Matte by simply tying the straps on the corners through the tow hooks right behind the loading edge. Spread it out to protect your load floor. Folding the matte over the loading edge protects your car when you lift bulky, rough or dirty items into the luggage compartment.
To keep luggage in place, cover it with the BMW Luggage Compartment Net. Hook the net’s corners on one side in the tie hooks of your trunk, and secure your luggage under the net by hooking in on the other side.
Use the BMW Folding Luggage Box to keep your luggage compartment tidy and protected when packing smaller items.

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