HYPNOPOLIS 2 | Episode 01: Light Sleeper | A BMW Original Podcast

BMW Ahmed Mazen 30 November 2021

HYPNOPOLIS 2: UTOPIA IN PROGRESS is the action-packed sequel to the award-winning fiction podcast series from BMW. Season two joins the action when 'the Chosen Few’ break their leader, Adam Zeleny, out of a high-security stasis facility in Siberia, Special Agent Glyph Frieden is assigned to track them down. Assisted by their robotic drone, Oko, Glyph heads to California to interview a known associate of the Chosen Few, computer hacker Jason Lin. But can Glyph and Lin learn to trust each other before it’s too late?

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or play the interactive version on Amazon Echo. Ask Alexa to “Start Hypnopolis Interactive”, and join in on the adventure. Remember... the future is in your hands.


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