Maximizing the range of your fully electric BMW – BMW How-To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 27 April 2021

In this video BMW How-To will show you how using your fully electric BMW to profit from as much driving range as possible is quite easy. You can achieve the furthest electric driving range with your BMW when the high-voltage battery is fully charged. Use the preconditioning function while charging to ensure your BMW’s interior is already at a comfortable temperature when you start your journey. Doing so, the energy from the high-voltage battery can now be used for your driving range, instead of being used to heat or cool the interior during the journey. Please watch our other How-To videos about charging and preconditioning for further information. Also, additional weight can decrease your vehicle’s range. The most energy efficient way to drive your fully electric BMW is in ECO PRO mode. You can activate it by pressing the button on the centre console. In ECO PRO INDIVIDUAL you can select an ECO PRO Limit. After selecting „ECO-PRO Limit” your BMW supports you in keeping the chosen speed limit with a blue marker in the instrument cluster. You can increase your electric driving range for example by reducing your speed from 130 km/h to 110 km/h by about 20%. In ECO PRO mode the Route Ahead Assistant (available depending on GPS map data in EU and South Africa) helps you with an efficient driving style by indicating when to release the accelerator with a blue ‘foot symbol” in the Instrument Cluster. In order to make optimal use of the route ahead assistant, please use the recuperation setting "Adaptive".

The BMW Driver's Guide app specifically describes the equipment and functions included in the vehicle. The Owner's Handbook is available as an app in many countries. You will find further information on the Internet at:

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