Requesting BMW Roadside Assistance with the My BMW App - How To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 17 May 2021

In this video BMW How-To shows you that BMW Roadside assistance is an effective way to solve your issue when you have a breakdown or technical problem with your vehicle. In case of a breakdown, you can place a Roadside Assistance call in the vehicle either from the warning message directly or via the assistance menu on the Central Information Display. Alternatively, if you are for example outside of the vehicle, you can contact roadside assistance via a phone call or using the My BMW app. In order to effectively use Roadside Assistance calls in the My BMW app, you need an active BMW ID with a connected vehicle in the app. Open the My BMW app and select “Call Roadside Assistance”. Agree with “Share Vehicle Data” to transmit your current location and your vehicle data with the call. This way BMW service can help you quicker and more efficiently. In the pop-up select “Call” to be connected with the BMW Service call centre. With the vehicle data and your description of the situation, your vehicle can be diagnosed remotely. Either the problem with your vehicle can be solved remotely or a service vehicle will be sent to your location to help you. In the My BMW App you can track the status of your Roadside Assistance Request. If a service vehicle is dispatched, its estimated time of arrival is displayed. By clicking on the map in the Request Status, you can track the service vehicle’s movement.
You can also view details about the service vehicle. When the service vehicle arrives, the breakdown or technical problem of your vehicle will be inspected by a mechanic. After the service has been carried out, you get a confirmation in the My BMW app.

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