Traveling with dogs, done right - Changing Lanes #032. The BMW Podcast.

BMW Ahmed Mazen 26 March 2021

Transporting a dog in your car isn’t always easy. They whine, they yap, and sometimes they throw up before you've even fastened your seatbelt. Our host Jonathan is a passionate dog owner, and has had his fair share of (bad) experiences — so he and Sara came up with 7 golden rules to make driving with dogs a walk in the park. So hit play on this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, to hear our 7 tips to safely and comfortably transport your dog in the car.

0:00 Intro
1:32 Starting slow and getting your dog used to the car
2:15 Marking their territory
2:45 Correctly securing your dog in the car
3:33 Locations for breaks
4:14 Letting your dog exit the car right
5:15 Feeding your dog during a roadtrip
5:48 Staying relaxed

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