Using Adaptive Recuperation in your fully electric BMW – BMW How-To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 18 April 2021

Learn in this video about BMW Adaptive Recuperation. Among the different recuperation settings, Adaptive Recuperation enhances the efficiency of the new BMW iX3 while on the move. With the recuperation level in ‘Adaptive’ setting, the intensity of the Brake Energy Regeneration is adapted to the road situation detected by data from the navigation system and the driver assistance system cameras and sensors. For example, when approaching a roundabout, a speed limit change or a vehicle on the road ahead, recuperation is fully utilized, strengthening the deceleration effect and increasing the amount of energy to recharge the high-voltage battery. Whenever the driver takes their foot off the accelerator on the open road, the coasting function is activated to enhance efficiency. When you indicate an intended turn or exit by activating the permanent turn indicator while coasting, the system automatically switches to recuperation. When approaching junctions with traffic lights, if the lights turn from red to green, Brake Energy Regeneration is cancelled. Adaptive recuperation supports you with anticipatory driving with increased comfort and energy optimized deceleration.

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