Using the BMW Accessory Mobility Set - How To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 26 May 2021

Learn in this video how you can fix a minor tyre damage quickly, in order to continue your journey, with the BMW Mobility Set as an accessory. You can only use the mobility set effectively to temporarily fix tyre damages of up to 4 mm. Take the BMW Mobility System from the storage compartment and unpack it. Please check the operating instructions before use, and make sure to replace the sealant composite container when the stated best-before date is reached or after each use. To use the mobility set, you can put on the included protective gloves. Remove the tyre valve cap from the damaged tyre and the sticker from the AIR/REPAIR switch on the mobility set compressor. Remove the cap from the compressor hose and screw the end of the hose tightly onto the tyre valve. Plug the electric connection of the mobility set into a 12 V socket of your BMW and switch the vehicle on. Switch the compressor to REPAIR and press the button to start inflating the tyre. The gauge on the compressor shows the current tyre inflation pressure. Inflate the tyre up to a pressure of at least 2 bar and at most 2.5 bar. Stop the compressor, remove the hose from the tyre valve, put the cap back on and unplug the electric cable from the vehicle. Move the vehicle about 10 meters forwards or backwards to allow the sealant composite to spread out inside the tyre. Immediately drive for about 3 kilometres keeping to a speed over 20 km/h if possible but not exceeding 60 km/h. After the drive, check the pressure with the included nanometer to read the tyre inflation pressure off the gauge. If additional tyre pressure is needed, switch on the compressor to AIR and press the button to start inflating the tyre. If tyre pressure rises to high during inflation you can release air by pressing the release button. You should not exceed 80 km/h, put the sticker on the windscreen to inform the driver about the reduced speed limit. Please make sure to change the damaged tyre as soon as possible. With the included valve adapters you can also use the mobility set to inflate other devices like bicycle tyres or balls.

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