Using The Parking Assistance Menu in BMW Operating System 8 | BMW How-To

BMW Ahmed Mazen 23 December 2021

Learn in this video how to setup the Parking Assistant for your BMW and the BMW Operating System 8.

Enjoy easy and safe parking with the Parking systems in your BMW with Operating System 8. Depending on optional equipment, you get parking support with assistance functions, sensors and different camera views while maneuvering or driving in reverse. Simply press the Parking Button in the center console to enter the Parking menu on the control display. Shifting to Reverse automatically opens the Parking View. the Control Display shows you the camera image of your BMW’s exterior cameras. Switch views with the tool bar on the left. Select “Parking view” for the actual camera images or views of the Park Distance Control overlaid by graphic assistance information. Tap the camera icons to change perspective. Select “Assist view” for a stylized display of the vehicle top view in scale with the surrounding parking situation. “Panorama View” shows you a wider camera view across the central image for better traffic overview. Depending on selected gear, the panorama view follows accordingly. Select “More” to get more: “3D view” for a three-dimensional display of your vehicle and the surroundings. Trailer coupling view zooms in on your tow hitch for easier trailer connection. “Car Wash view” shows you your own lane in the exterior camera image for easier driving into the car wash. Select “Camera cleaning” to activate the camera washing system individually for the front, rear or both. Under “Settings” you can adjust and activate several parking functions. The right tool bar of the Parking Assistance Menu shows you additional details like the status of the parking assistance systems. The Parking Assistance functions are also shown in the Instrument Cluster. Check the system status, the Assisted Parking view and the selection menu for the currently suggested the parking option.

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